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Polycor 10 Year Tax Abatement helps with relocating electric lines, mining and stone fabrication

OOLITIC - JULY 27, 2023 - The Polycor Corporation who recently acquired Indiana Limestone received a ten-year tax abatement for new mining equipment, stone fabrication equipment, and relocation of electric lines.

The total cost of the project was estimated at around $11.4 Million by the time of project was completed.

Photo: Polycor Elliott Site on State Road 158 West of Bedford, Indiana mines stone

" We have been very blessed in during COVID-19 we continue to take stone out of the ground, and the demand for stone worldwide is still growing,"

China and Spain have continued to show great interest in the limestone from the Lawrence County locations.

The company has 241 Lawrence County employees. The company was able to add an additional 78 employees since the project begin.

The company has changed the way they removed the stone from the quarry which the process uses a chain saw on the front of the machine, makes the cut, and then removed from the quarry.

Photo: Indiana Limestone continues to growth on a worldwide scale with in the stone business

Polycor Inc. the largest quarrier of natural stone in the world and continues its strong growth with the acquisition of Elliott Stone Company Inc.

The Elliott Stone Company was founded in 1957 and created a underground quarry which allowed for the continuous operations even in the winter months.

Polycor itself was founded in 1987 and now employs 1,200 people and owns 50 quarries and 18 manufacturing Plants across the United States and Europe.

Indiana Limestone was founded in 1926, and the company stone can be found at the Empire State Building, National Cathedral, and Pentagon.

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1416 James Avenue Bedford, Indiana

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