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Poll Workers of all Ages Help with Lawrence County General Election

LAWRENCE COUNTY - NOVEMBER 8, 2022 - Poll workers of all ages have helped with this year's General Election. Some for the very first time and others have been at it for more than forty years.

From left to right - Dustin Burton, Hayden Puckett, and Aaron Miskuf help with this year's General Election

" These three men have helped all day long, alternating between sheriff, judges and clerks to learn the process of working a polling site," said David Brown Inspector for the Lawrence County Fairgrounds polling site on Tuesday morning. " They have done an excellent job and we are proud of their work," Brown added.

The three high school seniors and are doing it for government class credit. However, they say their government teacher J.D. Combs has taught them the importance of government and by working the polls today it has taught them about the election process. "He is just an excellent teacher, who made our class very interesting,"

Lincoln Merchant (left) says this is his first year working the polls, and Pat Kerber has been working the polls for more than 40 years

Lincoln Merchant, Bedford says he has voted for more than 22 years, and after hearing the plea for more poll workers thought he would give it a try. This is his first time working the election as a poll worker and glad he did.

One poll worker, Pat Kerber, has been working the polls for more than 40 years. " I have worked every area of the polling place or precinct.

Just before noon about 296 voted at the Lawrence County Fairgrounds

" My parents were very active in politics. My government teacher Jack White told us, if we did not vote, we did not have a right to complain," said Kerber. " This is the only way of saving our form of government is by voting and protecting the system of voting," Kerber added.

When Kerber first voted you had to be 21 years of age, who voted the first time around 1962.

The Needmore Polling site have been busy all day according to officials a total of 727 were cast at this location just past noon on Tuesday

The Mitchell Community Center prior to noon today had a long line of people waiting to vote with more than a 20 -30-minute wait with approximately eight voting machines. The Needmore, and Parkview polling sites were busy. The Lawrence County Fairgrounds were not as busy, and Lawrence County Courthouse location was slow this morning but has since picked up. Lawrence County Zephyr has not yet, got to the Bedford North Lawrence High School polling site.

Dr. Kamal Girgis talks to a voter Tuesday afternoon

Lawrence County Zephyr will have the election results as the come in with a final results as soon as the last vote has been counted. Many already have taken advantage of early voting and absentee ballots.

North Lawrence Community School board races have sparked a lot of interest in this year's General Election

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