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Poll of the Lawrence County Zephyr: Should police officers have take home vehicles?

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JUNE 16, 2023 - The Lawrence County Zephyr is taking a poll on whether police officers should have take home vehicles.

In the comment section of the Lawrence County Zephyr Facebook page answer Yes, or No, or Maybe

Then, in addition please answer why you think so.

Lawrence Zephyr will be doing an Editorial on this issue at a later date.


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3 comentários

23 de jun. de 2023



Membro desconhecido
18 de jun. de 2023

Yes, they should have their Police Vehicles with them at home. Not only in case of an emergency call out, if a crisis should arise… Having their Police Vehicles in and around the area, community will definitely deter crim…


Joey Simpson
Joey Simpson
17 de jun. de 2023

Yes because there may be times where they need called in immediately to assist if there aren’t ebough officers available. However they must have strict rules in place to keep from avoiding abuse of this privilege such as tracking miles used for ‘on the job’ and miles not on the job so they’re not using taxpayer-funded fuel for personal use

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