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Police Respond to Needmore Voting Center Due to Complaints on Poll Workers

LAWRENCE COUNTY - MAY 3, 2022 - This year's Primary Election did not come without a few issues at Lawrence County's Vote Centers.

The Needmore Vote Center was that fielded the most complaints from people trying to vote on Tuesday.

Lawrence County Sheriff's Department responded to the Needmore Vote Center in regard to poll workers obstructing the path to go vote

The Lawrence County Sheriff's Department responded to the Needmore Vote Center to address concerns about poll workers obstructing the path to be able to vote.

North Lawrence Community Schools held classes during the election this year.

Later, Tuesday afternoon the principal had l to ask poll workers to get out of the driveway in order for school children and buses to get through. At least on three occasions the poll workers were asked to move from the doorways to allow potential voters in.

Complaints about the poll workers being to close to the pathway for Mitchell Community Center was also reported

At Parkview Primary and Intermediate the loading and unloading of students also created safety concerns for the students. The after school running club pick-up of students made exiting the school grounds in vehicles difficult for those who wanted to leave the school grounds after voting.

Sheriff Candidate Greg Day field questions about the constitution at the Lawrence County 4-H Fairgrounds on Tuesday afternoon

The Mitchell Community Center Vote Center had some issues with poll workers obstructing the pathways to gain access to the polling place. These issues were addressed by the Sheriff and Inspector of the Mitchell Voting Center. The occasional rain showers contributed to some of the issues mentioned above, with poll workers seeking shelter from the elements.

A total of 5,823 cast their votes in this year's primary in Lawrence County. Voter turnout was at 17.58 percent of the 33,127 registered voters.

Lawrence County Zephyr has reached out to some of the winners of the Primary and will feature their responses in another feature.

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