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Pleasant Run Township approves contract with Pleasant Run Township VFD in 2024

HELTONVILLE - DECEMBER 30, 2023 - The Pleasant Run Township Trustee Michael Nicholson and the advisory board have agreed to another one year contract with the Pleasant Run Township Volunteer Fire Department in the amount of $34,000 for 2024.

Photo: Many Heltonville residents wore red shirts in support of the Pleasant Run Fire Department

The township officials are considering joining the Lawrence County Fire Territory that began operations in January 2023.

Many fire department mergers, fire territories and fire protection districts are expected as the state legislature will be looking at township government reform.

In addition, the volunteer fire service is losing men and women who no longer can volunteer.

The demands have been tremendous on volunteers who work other full time jobs.

Township officials in Marion Township, Spice Valley Township and the City of Mitchell are considering forming a fire territory.

The City of Mitchell officials will be meeting in January to start discussions on the pros and cons joining the fire territory.

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