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Plaque to Honor Deputy Marshal Pinkney Bough who died in the line of duty September 23, 1922

OOLITIC - FEBRUARY 27, 2024 - A plague honoring Deputy Marshal Pinkney Bough will hang in the Oolitic Town Marshal's Office.

Bough died in the line of duty on September 23, 1922 after he was shot and killed while attempting to arrest two subjects in front of the Smallwood Theatre on Main Street in Ooltiic.

Deputy Marshal Bough had asked the subjects to move their illegally parked car. When they refused, Deputy Marshal Bough told them if they did not move their car they would be arrested.

When the subjects still refused, Deputy Marshal Bough attempted to arrest them. One suspect drew a gun and shot and killed Deputy Marshal Bough.

Both suspects, 20 and 22 were arrested the next day. They both were convicted of voluntary manslaughter and sentenced 2 to 21 years in prison.

Bough was 37 years old at the time of his death.


Free-Holiness Church 11122 Indiana State Road 54 Cincinnati, Indiana

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