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Photo of the day: Firefighters respond to the Lawrence County Transfer Station

Photo of the day: January 10, 2023 - This is not a complete news story.

At 12:06 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon the Shawswick, Marion and Oolitic Volunteer Fire Departments responded to the Lawrence County Transfer Station for a semi-on fire in the building.

The trailer with contents was on fire and was moved out of the building to prevent the fire from spreading.

Firefighters had the fire under control within 30 minutes of the call. According to Valarie Luchuaer, Lawrence County Emergency Mangement Director the load came from CAP Group in Bedford. The contents contained metal shavings and paper filters.

A load of sand was hauled in to prevent run off as well as, diking by firefighters to keep the runoff of water contained. A large amount of water was used by firefighters to get the fire under control.

Due to run off from the fire and as a precautionary measure the Indiana Department of Enviromental Management was contacted.

Luchauer stated that there is no threat to the public, with over 3,500 gallons of water the any chemicals would be highly diluted.

The Incident Commander Austin Brown was still involved in working the fire scene and was not available for comment at this time.

Lawrence County Zephyr will update the original news story when more information becomes available. This would be the first fire with staffing at the new Lawrence County Fire Territory.

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