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Phil Inman Seeks Lawrence County Council District #2 Seat

LAWRENCE COUNTY - ( April 2, 2022) - Phil Inman is seeking the Republican nomination for Lawrence County Council District #2 Seat. The seat is currently being held by Mike Wright who decided not to run for another term.

Phil Inman seeks the Republican nomination for Lawrence County Council District # 2 race

Phil Inman is being challenged by Jake Matthews for the Republican nomination for Lawrence County District 2 seat.

Here is Phil Inman's response to the questions asked by subscribers of the Lawrence County Zephyr:

The answers to your questions are as follows.

Some candidates use the term conservative in their campaign press release; however, the Lawrence County budget is over $28 Million the highest on record. Explain how you will look at the future budget process.

  1. With inflation being a driving force that tends to elevate budgets from year to year, projects need to be prioritized by needs, paying special attention to the impact it has on county taxpayers.

The recent justice study calls for a $46 Million new jail to be constructed at another location, new justice center, and a fourth courtroom. As a county council member how would you pay for this proposal, and what taxes would be utilized to pay for this?

2. I am not privy to this information at this time. If elected and all the information is presented to the Council, I would then be able to comment.

Why do you want to be a county council member?

3. I was born and raised in Lawrence County. We raised our children here. I retired after 42 years as Operations Superintendent for Peabody Energy , I now look forward to serving the residents of Lawrence County.

How would you make sure county office holders keep within their established budgets?

4. The Council members interact with each office holder, there are long budget hearings, meetings, and information gathering that is carefully considered when making a budget. Every attempt is made to stay within the allotted budget through a system of checks and balances. You can add additional addition or communications to the voter other things not addressed in these questions.

As a lifelong resident of Lawrence County, I look forward to serving, and will always take in to consideration the needs of our great county. I would appreciate your vote!

Lawrence County Zephyr will continue to provide full election coverage.

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