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Sabrina Dunn convicted of murder of Bill Dunn

ORANGE COUNTY - AUGUST 10, 2022 -Orange County, Indiana (August 10, 2022) – Orange County Prosecutor, Holly Hudelson, has convicted a Paoli woman, Sabrina L. Dunn, of murder following the shooting death of her ex-husband, Bill Dunn.

The murder charge results from an investigation begun on October 21, 2020, at approximately 7:48 a.m. when Paoli dispatch received a 911 call from Sabrina Dunn advising that she had shot and killed Bill Dunn. Officers with the Paoli Police Department and the Indiana State Police responded to the scene located at 831 College Hill St. in Paoli.

During the course of the investigation, officers interviewed Sabrina Dunn, who advised that she and the deceased, Bill Dunn, were divorced, but lived in two different houses on the same property. Dunn told police that she shot Bill after he entered her home with a large knife that he brought with him.

Police also interviewed Sabrina’s live-in boyfriend who advised that he had left for work at approximately 6:15 on the 21st, and that he was not at the home at that time. He further stated that Sabrina contacted him around 7:00 a.m. that morning wanting to know where his gun was in the house. When officers asked about the knife Sabrina had described Bill carrying, he said that the knife belonged to Sabrina and that it had been in her home for days, not Bill’s.

Also, during the investigation, officers learned that Bill had security cameras at his home. Upon reviewing the video and audio recordings, officers observed Bill walking to Sabrina’s home at approximately 7:36 a.m. carrying a flashlight, but not a knife. At 7:48 Sabrina called 911 advising that she had shot Bill.

Based, in part, on this information, Prosecutor Hudelson has charged Sabrina Dunn with Murder, a felony. Regarding the conviction, Prosecutor Hudelson stated, “I appreciate the good work of our law enforcement in this case, which helped us secure a win on the murder charge.”

Murder charges carry a range of imprisonment from 45 to 65 years. The case is scheduled for sentencing in the Orange Circuit Court on August 12th.

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