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Owner of the Oolitic North Building is Waiting on State Building Permits

OOLITIC - AUGUST 29, 2023 - Oolitic Town Council member Johnny Bob Dillion updated the public on the progress of the Oolitic North School.

The building was purchased by Jim Deckard and has assumed the responsibility for the structure that has a variety of safety issues.

Deckard who is certified in removing waste must remove the bird droppings from the building. In addition, the roof of the structure is unstable and must be replaced.

Dillion stated that there is some activity at the building assessing the plan of action for the location. Deckard is waiting on building permits to move foreard with any remediation and work on the structure.

Dillion told council members he will provide a update at the next council meeting after the Lawrence County Zephyr about the status, when residents asked the Lawrence County Zephyr to inquire about the building.

The town council was looking to demolish the building if no action was taken by Tim Stark. Deckard has since taken possession of it.

The town council wanted the property on the outside which includes keeping the grass mowed and weeds taken care of. At this time the outside of the property has been taken care of by town officials.


Located at 1416 James Avenue Bedford, Indiana 47421

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Aug 29, 2023

Thank you Bill for checking into what is going on at the old Oolitic School building. Please update with any new info you find out about. The building is such an eye sore in the town.

Bill Raines
Bill Raines
Aug 29, 2023
Replying to

I will I was asked to look into the situation and done so last night

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