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Outdoor Tomorrow Curriculum Coming to Springville Community Academy

SPRINGVILLE - AUGUST 11, 2022 - The Springville Community Academy Board approved the purchase of Outdoor Tomorrow Curriculum and Equipment Thursday night. The cost of the program is $5,000.

With the purchase of the program anglers and archers will be taught about conservation and other outdoor activities. There are four other schools in the State of Indiana that take part in this program.

In 1998, Outdoor Tomorrow pioneered the first public educational curriculum for secondary schools in Texas.

A re-write of the Curriculum in 2007, helped with accreditation by the Texas Education Association for a new program called Outdoor Adventures Program.

Today, the Outdoor Adventures Program is in 900 K-12 public and private schools across 45 states.

The Outdoor Tomorrow Fund provides curriculum and equipment to schools that have adapted the program.

There are more than 85,000 students enrolled with plans to expand the program nationwide.

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