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Out with the Old and in with the New - Bedford to replace its street lights

BEDFORD - JULY 20, 2023 - Bedford will be replacing its street lights just like, the Town of Oolitic and City of Mitchell.

Photo: City of Bedford will be replacing it street lights in the near future

The total cost will be $5,100 a month for a ten-year contract with Duke Energy and Indiana EE Rider XLeF Agreement.

Photo: The new street lights will be similar to the ones located along Patrick Robbins Way

Once the new lighting is installed this will be a cost savings to city.

The installation will be done in four phases.

  • Phase 1 - Monthly charge - $1,305.95

  • Phase 2 - Monthly charge - $ 1,342.85

  • Phase 3 - Monthly charge - $ 1,330.01

  • Phase 4 - Monthly charge - $ 1,196.62

In other business:

  • Approved the closure of J Street between 15th and 16th Street for the Spaghetti on the Square for the Men's Warming Shelter fundraiser

  • Approved a online bill pay increase from Bedford Utilities which will be $1.05 per transaction which is a 10 cent increase over the current fee


1416 James Avenue Bedford, Indiana

1420 L Street, Bedford, Indiana

309 Indiana State Road 60 East Mitchell, Indiana

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