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Orleans resident Betty Henderson Passes with the "Power of Positivity"

ORLEANS - MAY 25, 2022 - Betty Henderson already knew the time was coming, but that did not stop the positive attitude, smiles, as well as the love for her family and friends.

On May 15, 2022, Lawrence County Zephyr done a story on Betty Henderson " The Power of Positivity When Nothing Else Can Be Done".

Betty Henderson passed away Tuesday morning, her husband Thom announced yesterday.

Thom and Betty Henderson May 15, 2022

As her wishes there will be a Celebration of Life at a later time.

For the time being family and friends will remember as the great person she was inside and out. She brought laughter, fun and entertainment to those who cherished her memory.

" Stay positive and for those who are facing similar circumstances do not be afraid ask for help," said Betty Henderson.

Betty was overwhelmed with the support she received and thankful for the love that was shown her last week.

We leave this story just as positive as she made us all feel. Betty, we acknowledge your positive attitude inside and out.

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