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Opinion: Resident Expresses Concerns About One-Way Alley at Lincoln Plaza


We live at the corner of Lincoln and 7 1/2 St. I'm sure that you are aware that Lincoln Plaza Pharmacy has a petition to turn the alley behind their building to a one-way to put a drive-thru window in.

That means the exit will be on 7 1/2 St. I have a disabled daughter, so I emailed the Street Department about a disabled child sign. For some weird reason, my email was forwarded to the mayor who personally emailed me and showed up unexpectedly at our home.

He told us that it won't affect us or our exiting our driveway, which is on 7 1/2 Street because 7 1/2 Street is supposed to be a one-way street and he would have signs put up.

This is an obvious lie because there are stop signs on said street on both ends of the block. So it is a two-way street and that means the mayor lied to us. He cares more about this drive-thru window than our disabled daughter it seems. On top of that I used to be a Town Councilor and Planning Commission member for the Town of Ellettsville.

Drive-thru windows are not put on public roadways for many reasons.

  • One being a traffic concern.

  • The second is that a wall with landscaping has to be built on the backside to protect residential homes that abut this said drive-thru window.

  • Three, from a legal standpoint this sets a precedent that any business can have a drive-thru window in Bedford utilizing a public roadway.

  • Bedford can't say yes to one or no to another or it puts a town in line for a lawsuit, not to say that if we hit by a car while exiting our driveway because of the increased traffic from said decision, it opens Bedford up for a lawsuit as well as Lincoln Pharmacy.

Rowan Elisabeth Creech

Bedford, Indiana

Note: Anyone is welcome to submit a opinion to the Lawrence County Zephyr. However, the Lawrence County Zephyr has the right to refuse to print the letter for any reason.

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