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Ooltiic Town Officials Updated on Upcoming Stormwater Project and Study

OOLITIC - (January 18, 2022) - The Oolitic Town Council was given on update on the Stormwater Project at Sixth and Oak Streets and Hall and Mathias Streets.

Oolitic Town Officials is trying to address many of the infrastructure issues the town is facing

The cost of the project did increase to about $670,000 but the council may be able to cut cost to the project if needed.

Council members also learned about the upcoming engineering study the town is using to help guide them to give priority to essential projects for the water issues and water treatment facility.

Water leaks continue to give the Town of Oolitic problems on a regular basis. The town is trying to address needs on a very limited budget. The stormwater project is moving forward with bids to be delivered on February 28th.

Drew Flamion and Michelle Carrico gave updates on the timeline needed for town officials to complete and to help guide the bid process for the stormwater project once funds from OCRA is released.

Advertisement for bids on the project will begin on February 7, and the bids are expected to be delivered to the town on February 28, 2022.

The town's Storm Water Board will meet on January 19th, at 4:00 p.m. to discuss the project.


In addition, the town council will be giving guidance in what areas the engineering study will focus. The study will help the town be prepared for grants for future projects to be able to address several infrastructure issues the town is facing.

These issues include lead pipes, septic issues, aging fire hydrants and the list compiled last year consisted of over 100 different projects of focus.

In addition, the Water Treatment facility is still in compliance with the Indiana Department of Envirnomental Management. However, town officials state that the issues at the water treatment plant cannot be ignored and the town must start addressing the needs of the plant. Town officials would like that some operations of the plant be automated to help reduce the manpower it takes to keep the plant monitored and address emergencies at the facility.

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