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Oolitic Volunteer Fire Department is Seeking Public Safety Funds

OOLITIC -( March 29, 2022) - Ted Maze, fire chief, Oolitic Volunteer Fire Department went before the Oolitic Town council seeking public safety funds.

Oolitic Volunteer Fire Department responds to a mobile home fire on State Road 458 Monday night

Maze told the town council that since January the fire department responded to 53 runs.

The cost of insurance for the trucks, building, and malpractice eats up over half of the fire departments budget.

Oolitic Volunteer Fire Department does not receive any public safety funds, even though many ordinance allows for the police department to collect various funds.

According to Maze Ordinance 33-25 and 33-26 says that the ordinance identifies what can be designated for public safety. The ordinance directs the fund for purchases for police cars, fire trucks and sand trucks.

" Four years ago, we had to beg the town council for the purchase of radios at a cost of $4,000," said Maze " Our department is a 24/7 operation, seven days a week, the only agency in the town that is tasked with that responsibility,"

According to Clerk-Treasurer Anette Norrick the Local Income Tax disbursals was discontinued when the fire department requested it 6-8 months ago.

Norrick told Maze she will look into the matter.

The town council applauded the fire department work, and those in attendance clapped for the department and appreciated their work.

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