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Oolitic Volunteer Fire Department Adds Narcan Box To Fire Station

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

By: Bill Raines

Lawrence County Zephyr

OOLITIC - (November 29, 2021) - The Oolitic Volunteer Fire Department has announced that a Narcan box is located outside it's fire station.

There are no cameras, and no one will know who gets one from the box.

The fire department encourages for those who need it, use the service. The Oolitic Fire Department has partnered with Families Forever Overdose Lifeline, and DMHA to bring the service to the community.

Naloxone is available over-the-counter in most states, and as a prescription drug in others under the brand names Narcan and Evzio.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved three forms of naloxone:

  • nasal spray (Narcan)

  • injectable

  • auto-injectable (Evzio)

All three forms are highly effective at reversing an opioid overdose.

However, Narcan nasal spray is easier for families, caregivers, and non-medical personnel to administer compared to injections, making it an ideal overdose treatment.

Lawrence County Zephyr will be following up with Oolitic officials on this new development.

This comes after the Oolitic Town Council voted down an ordinance change that would have allowed a drug treatment facility to operate on Hoosier Avenue.

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