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Oolitic Town Stormwater Project is set to get underway

OOLITIC - MAY 23, 2022 - The Oolitic stormwater project at 6th/Oak Street and Hall/Mathias is set to get underway.

The $670,908 project is funded through the State Revolving Fund, OCRA grant, and local matching funds.

The project is set to begin on around June 15th and conclude around October weather permitting.

During this evening's meeting Drew Flammion, Commonwealth Engineers, Adam Sparks, Mitchell & Starkes Construction, and Michelle Carrico, Southern Indiana Economic Development Corporation was on hand to go over the project.

The town council approved the pre-construction meeting and signed off on the project, hours of operation, work plans, and other details of the proposed project.

The only other action taken by the town council was the approval of the Oolitic VFW having a roadblock at Hoosier and Main for the regular Poppyseed fundraiser.

A notification of the death of a family member during the meeting caused the town council to decide to conclude the town's business early.

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