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Oolitic Town Marshall Office Makes Drug Arrest

OOLITIC - JUNE 10, 2022 - The Oolitic Marshal’s Office was dispatched to Casey’s General Store on Tuesday 06/07/2022 at 1:40 pm, in reference to a suspicious vehicle, and we were assisted by Bedford Police Major Jeremy Bridges and Lawrence County Deputy Sheriff Michael Williams.

Shortly after arriving, contact was made with a male and a female occupant of a blue Dodge Nitro, that had been parked in the front parking lot of the business for about three hours.

During the investigation, canine Deny Joe was deployed for a free air sniff around the exterior of the SUV, and he alerted on the passenger’s side door of the vehicle. Marijuana, a smoking device, six used syringes, four small tin containers, three of which contained brown residue, and several used cotton swabs were recovered from within the SUV during a search of it.

The male and female were read their Advice of Rights (Miranda), they waived their rights and they agreed to speak with officers. The male took ownership of all items of contraband, and he claimed that he used the syringes to inject Heroin.

The female was released from custody, the male was placed under arrest, and he was transported to the Lawrence County Security Center, where he was lodged for possession of Marijuana (Class B Misdemeanor), possession of paraphernalia (Class C Misdemeanor), possession of a narcotic drug (Level 6 Felony), and unlawful possession of a syringe (Level 6 Felony).

The residue was field tested at the Oolitic Marshal’s Office, and it tested positive as Fentanyl.

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