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Oolitic Town Marshall Jon Jeffries Last Day of Serving Town for 41 plus years

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

OOLITIC - (December 17, 2021) - Oolitic Town Marshall Jon Jeffries last day was Friday afternoon. The man was going to sneak off and did not want any kind of recognition of any sorts.

Oolitic Town Marshall Jon Jeffries family including his daugter Kathryn Lewis and sister Joanne Johnson

However, his family which included his daughter Kathryn Lewis, and his sister Joanne Johnson joined his well-wishers Friday afternoon to congratulate him on a job well done.

Jefferies served the Town of Oolitic, and it's the residents the place, where he grew up with commitment, most of all wanting to keep the town, he served protected and safe.

It is very difficult to sum up a career that took a lot of training, dedication, met with difficult situations, and dangers that many of us are unaware of.

" I am extremely proud of my brother, all these years who served with hardly any backup. He had some horrific things to deal with. Like a baby that was killed in the Manor, the child just under two years of age. A suicide, with a gentleman with a gunshot wound, and he went into to help his mother. He had two widow makers and kept on going what people said about him.

He still did what he was supposed to do and obeyed the law and he upheld it with everything in him," said Joanne Johnson.

" I am really proud of him for working so long and staying in the same spot and not giving up on the town and its residents," said his daughter Kathryn Lewis.

Jon received a plaque and letter from Indiana District 65 Representative Chris May, and Indiana State Senator Eric Koch.

Left Carla Roberts, Jon Jeffries and Anne Norrick Oolitic Town-Clerk

" I cannot tell you the times, I came over here and knocked on the door and threw it open. He was always there to listen and gave me great advice," said Town-Clerk Anne Norrick whose office was just across the hall from Jeffries office at Oolitic Town Hall.

Jeffries chose his career in law enforcement. " No one would be prouder than mom and dad for what he has accomplished," Johnson concluded.

Lawrence County Prosecutor Sam Arp presents Jon Jeffries with a plague

Lawrence County Prosecutor presented Jeffries with a wooden plague and congratulated Jefferies on his law enforcement career.

Finally, it was handshakes and a sendoff to a man who loved his community.

Oolitic Town Marshall Signs off his shift after 41 years of Service

"(District 47 312,) said Jeffries into his portable radio, -" Go ahead 312" replied Lawrence County Central Dispatch. " For the last time 10-42 " said Jefferies referring to end of shift in police ten codes. " Sir, thank you for your service and enjoy your retirement," Replied Lawrence County Central dispatch.

Kudos for a job, well done.

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