• Bill Raines

Oolitic Town Marshal Retiring After 40 Years of Service

OOLITIC - ( December 8, 2021) - After serving the Town of Oolitic for more than 40 years, Oolitic Town Marshal Jon Jeffries last day will be December 17.

Jon Jeffries has served in many capacities with a stint as a town council member, town manager and retiring as town marshal.

Jeffries has treated those who he arrested with respect. “ One mistake in a persons life should not determine a persons destiny,” said Jeffries.

Being a town marshal is at many times a thankless job enforcing ordinances of the town, along with the duties of a law enforcement officer.

Jon has committed his life to the town he lived in. Jeffries had offers to go to other police agencies but decided to stay with the community he loved.

Thank you Jon for service enjoy your retirement.

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