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Oolitic Town Council votes to raise speed limits throughout the town

OOLITIC - OCTOBER 31, 2023 - After more than two years of debate the Oolitic Town Council finally takes action on speeding motorists.

The Oolitic Town Council voted to raise the speed limit throughout the town from 20 miles per hour to 25 miles per hour.

Hoosier Avenue will remain 30 miles per hour except by Dollens Elementary school. The speed limit will remain 25 Miles per hour.

All alleys will have a speed limit of 10 miles per hour.

Lawrence County Prosecutor Sam Arp II notified both the City of Mitchell and the Town of Oolitic their 20 miles per hour is not enforceable without a engineering study in late 2021.

The new speed limits will not be enforced until next year when the new speed limit signs can be replaced.

Original story: OOLITIC - JANUARY 31, 2022 - The speed limit of motorists has been a long topic of discussion among the residents of Oolitic since the tragic death of Camden Moore in December 2020.

Photo: The new proposed town ordinance will raise the speed limit along Vista Drive in Oolitic

Moore was struck by a vehicle while riding his bicycle in the 100 block of Vista Drive near Meadow Lane. Residents in the area following the accident raised concerns over speeding vehicles. Many of the speeding vehicles are residents within the community on the dead-end street of Oolitic.

Photo: Speed has been a concern among residents along Vista Drive following the tragic death of 10-year-old Camden Moore. The new ordinance will raise the speed limit along Vista Drive

Stop signs have been placed to slow traffic in some segments of the street.

The town council members have since learned that the 20 mile per hour speed limit throughout the town is unenforceable because the town has not conducted an engineering study. The study is needed to legally enforce any speed limit below 25 miles per hour.

Town Marshal Harrington raised the issue to the town council members back in November warning town officials that legally he cannot enforce the 20 mile per hour speed limits that are posted throughout the town.

An unmarked urban zone is to be set at 30 miles per hour with residential zones at 25 mile per hour.

Oolitic Town Council members raised concerns in areas such as Vista Drive where the new ordinance will actually be raised instead of lowered.

Photo: The speed limit in the school zone will be reduced to 20 miles per hour in Oolitic

The proposed ordinance has established a 25 mile per speed limit on the residential streets, 20 mile per hour in the school zone, and 10 miles per hour in the town's alleys.

The council approved the first reading of the ordinance at Monday's night's council meeting. The measure is expected to pass at the next town council meeting.

Oolitic town council members discussed the costs the town will incur with the new signage that will have to be placed throughout the town. Town attorney Greg Pittman states the town will have to seek three bids on the proposal.

When the city of Mitchell lowered their speed limits to 20 miles per hour in November 2022, being aware of the state law Lawrence County Zephyr asked Mitchell City Attorney Bryon Steele about whether Mitchell conducted an engineering study to lower their speed limits.

According to Steele the Mitchell does not have to take an engineering study to establish their own speed ordinance. " Someone is just being lazy, and not doing their job," said Steele.

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