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Oolitic Town Council Issues Statement on Water Bills Following Meter Upgrades

OOLITIC - (February 1, 2022) - The Ooli

tic Town Council issued a statement in regard to the water bills that were sent in January.

In a statement read by Town Vice-president Monday night reads as follows " The board would like to take the opportunity to issue a formal apology for the mix up /60 day charging on water bills.

Converting the new water meters was and is the correct call for the future. The board had no idea the January billing would catch up billing for the two months in arrears, a practice that the town has been doing for years.


If anyone is struggling with the January bill, please, reach out to Carla, she will make payment arrangements with all late charges will be waived,"

The new meter system has been able to provide more efficient billing and cut down the amount of manpower to read meters, check on leaks, and determine issues with the water system according to Zac Bell.

Clerk-Treasurer Anne Norrick stated that bills should start leveling back after two billings. When the meters were installed the some of the old meters working properly.

Bell is seeking quotes for a water main replacement on Walnut Street between 9th and 11th Streets. The replacement will include 1,300 feet of water line, and 12 houses are affected by the project. The estimated cost at this time is $20,000 however price is only good for 10 days.

Bell also reports all the water meters have been replaced, town crews are prepared for the upcoming winter storm with trucks ready to salt and sand the streets.

The town council tabled a request to hire a fourth employee full-time until the budget can be appropriated for the new position. At this time the employee can still work part-time until the salary ordinance and budget issue can be addressed.

The town council approved two ordinances in regard to the upcoming stormwater project to authorize the town portion of the which is $250,000. The total cost of the project at Hall / Mathias Street and Sixth/Oak.

Town Council member Jon Broglin also updated the council on a pump that had to be replaced at the water treatment plant. The town will be holding a public meeting later in February with the residents able to be provided information on issues at the plant. The public will be free to ask questions or just listen. The meeting will be announced.

Proud sponsor of the Lawrence County Zephyr

Stever Kerr was voted on as board member to the Southern Indiana Development Corporation.

In final business residents expressed concerns at the intersection at 10th and Eric Lane with an autistic child in the neighborhood and changing a yield sign to a stop sign. The town attorney will have to draft an ordinance to make the change. The installation of a Child at Play sign was also approved.

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