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Oolitic Town Council is Finding Ways to Offer Town Clean-up

OOLITIC - APRIL 27, 2022 - The Oolitic Town Council is finding ways to provide a town cleanup which includes the area around Smith Avenue. Residents offered many ideas on how this might be accomplished including a clean-up day, adopt a road/street, and working on ordinance violations with the town marshal.

Jim Deckard purchased the North School Building plans for the building are still unknown according to Deckard

A more detailed plan will be revealed at a later time.

In other business:

  • The accomplishment list of 2021 of the town council has been created and the town is working on ways to distribute the information to its residents

  • Council member John Dillion stated he received quote for tree work at the wastewater treatment plant. This includes the clean-up and removal of debris. Camelot Wright has been hired to do the job in the amount of $4,500.

  • Council member John Dillion state that one bid was submitted for the repairs at the old fire station. Annette Norrick advised one more bid is expected in the next couple of weeks. Dillion hopes to be able to have a decision made next month on the repairs.

  • There were updates on the payroll and water billing system during the meeting.

  • Steve Kerr will in a meeting with Southern Indiana Development Commission on Community Crossing Grant Funds.

During the public comment period

  • Jim Reams inquired to how much paving will be done this year. The town council stated they are unsure how much roads and streets will be covered. The street department is currently patching some areas of concern.

  • Chris Moore reminded everyone of the 5K at Oolitic School on May 12, 2022. Also, there is erosion concerns on Candlelight Lane.

  • Jim Deckard introduced himself to the town council and stated if anyone has questions on his plans for the North School Building that he is available. According to Deckard his exact plans for the building are still unknown at this time.

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