• Bill Raines

Oolitic Town Council Approves Salary Ordinance For Deputy Marshalls

OOLITIC - (February 9, 2022) - The Oolitic Town Council approved a salary Ordinance for the two part-time deputy Marshalls. The rate of pay will be $17.35 an hour. The town council will have to make an appropriation in the budget for the new position created by the town.

Chief Deputy Marshal Greg Hagan will work on an as needed basis and deputy marshal Michael Bargo will work approximately 20 hours a week.


The proposed hiring of a third laborer for the Oolitic Street Department was tabled. The Town Council will also have to appropriate the money in the budget for the newly created position. At the present time the employee works part-time. The new position will help the street department with overtime, and cover vacations.

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