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Oolitic Town Attorney Says No Criminal Behavior in Dispute Between Town Council member and resident

OOLITIC - OCTOBER 25, 2022 - Glenn Gross, former resident of Oolitic, appeared before the Oolitic Town Council during Monday night's meeting to ask about the status of an investigation the town council was conducting.

Glenn Gross asked the town council to investigate an incident involving a town council member and himself.

There has been an ongoing dispute between Glen Gross and town council member Steve Kerr. The Gross's have an active protective order against Steve Kerr.

The town council referred the matter to the town attorney Greg Pittman, who reviewed the video provided by the Gross's.

" After reviewing the video, there is no criminal matter that would cause us to remove a town council member. In order, to remove a town council member you must commit a felony or leave the district to which you reside as current town council member," said Pittman.

" This is just a disagreement, between two parties and does not rise to the level of criminal behavior," Pittman told Gross during the meeting.

The Glen Gross no longer lives in the Town of Oolitic.

Leah Gross, who is the wife of Glenn Gross; asked the status of the investigation of Town Marhsall James Harrington. According to Leah Gross Harrington sent harassing messages to her following a social media post she made about a citation issued about illegal parking in Oolitic.

The posting was made following a illegal parking ticket issued to Oolitic resident Tyson Enochs.

According to town attorney Greg Pittman the incident did not involve any criminal activity on Oolitic Town Marshal's part. However, because this is personnel matter the issue could not be discussed any further in a public meeting.

The town council will be conducting an executive meeting to discuss the matter further and determine whether any other action will be taken by the town council.

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