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Oolitic Resident Questions Town Council's Actions Prior to Town Council Meeting

OOLITIC - ( December 27, 2021) - The Oolitic Town Council met for the last time for 2021, and in the two-hour meeting a lot of business was discussed.

Oolitic Town resident Chris Moore, asked the town council why, there were so many purchases and business being conducted without authorization of the full town council.

" This is not the business world where you can act alone, but this is the government to where these actions need voted on," said Oolitic resident Chris Moore.

About 57 minutes to 59 minutes, you can find Oolitic resident questioning the town council on the practice of spending money prior to the meeting.

The Ooltiic Town Council voted on one purchase in the amount of $7,1158.52 for lighting around the Water Treatment facility, and town hall.

" I would like to request a report in advance of our meeting to see if these invoices are budgeted or not," said Oolitic Tangie Jenkins.

However, the purchases outlined Monday night, it would have been impossible for clerk-treasurer to know whether they were budgeted or not, because they were acted on by town council members prior to the meeting.

The council approved the following:

  • $1,800 for a line puller, for water and sewer line installation.

  • $2,800 for computer desktop, tablets, and hardware to read the new water meter that were recently installed

  • $660 for cleaning of the Town Hall by Carrie's Cleaning Service, also the council approved continued cleaning of Town Hall in the amount of $280 month moving forward. Jon Broglin hired the cleaning service prior to the meeting Monday night, due to K-9 Training being held at town hall

  • $7,158.52 for the installation of lighting at town hall, wastewater, and other electric issues. Jon Broglin told council member he did not want to have to call the company back when the equipment was already on the trucks to make emergency repairs to town hall. Repairs was also made to the Welcome Sign to Oolitic due to improper installation and safety risk. The town hall power box did not meet electrical codes. The town is now in compliance The company was DQE from West Baden, Indiana

  • $3,000 was already voted on during the January meeting for camera for water/sewer lines. The product was ordered by Town Council John Dillion with the final invoice cost of $3,600. The invoice will be paid from the ARP grant funds. The additional amount of $600 was approved by the town council

  • A policy on reimbursing Oolitic Town Marshal James Harrington will be looked into during another meeting. Harrington owns his own dog. An invoice of $198.09 was approved Monday night for training for Harrington.

  • Sewer adjustments were approved for the month of November

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