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Oolitic Middle School Will Stay Open in a 3-3 Vote by NLCS School Board

BEDFORD - JULY 29, 2022 - The Oolitic Middle School in a 3-3 vote will remain open after school board members Tracy Bailey, Jeff Lambrecht, and Bryce Bennett voted to close Oolitic Middle School, and school board members, Kristen Collier, Dr. Kamal Girgis and Dr. Wendy Miller voting to keep Oolitic Middle School. open.

North Lawrence Community School President Trent Todd did not attend Friday night meeting. Bryce Bennett appeared by zoom.

Some of those attending the meeting spoke against the closing of Oolitic Middle School which included Perry Township Volunteer Fire Chief Jessica Voorhies whose children remain in the North Lawrence Community Schools Corporation and OMS.

Perry Township Volunteer Fire Chief Jessica Voorhies speaks in favor of keeping OMS open and telling the board to start focusing on NLCS, not the Springville Community Academy

Voorhies addressed the board on two matters which included and the continued focus on the Springville property that North Lawrence Community School Corporation owns which includes a septic tank, and other parcel of ground not given to the Perry Township Trustee in 2021, that also adjoins the Springville Community Academy.

Richard Tallman former North Lawrence Community School Corporation also addressed the board on why, so many parents are fleeing the public education system and NLCS.

Former North Lawrence Community School Board member Richard Tallman speaks Friday night

The Oolitic Middle School Principal Kurt Godlevske, told the school board he was in favor of the closure of OMS as well as, North Lawrence Education Association President Lacy Hawkins.

OMS Principal told NLCS Board members he was in favor of closing OMS

Vice-President Kamal Girgis told those in attendance that the decision was one which kept him up of a night and was very difficult decision to make. " We will work with you, and this is something we have taken very seriously. We will try work to earn and regain your trust, honor and respect," following the vote Friday.

NLEA President Lacy Hawkins told the NLCS board she was in favor of closing OMS

The board will start looking at all available solutions and allow students and parents a transition period to decide between both OMS and BMS campuses. Leaving the choices to both parents and students.

This would make to the second vote by the board in less than a year to close the OMS campus.

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