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Oolitic Man Arrested for Theft Shortly After Stealing Trailer from Holiday Drive In Thursday

MITCHELL - OCTOBER - 20,2023 - On October 19th, at approximately 1:30pm, Lawrence County Sheriff deputy Sgt. Lonnie Johnson responded to the Holiday Drive - IN located in the 1000 block of SR 37 near Mitchell after receiving a report that a utility trailer had been stolen.

Photo: Tyler Egemo (39 years old of Oolitic was arrested shortly after stealing a utlity trailer from Holiday Drive -In Thursday afternoon

Photo: Video footage quickly put on social media helped catch the suspect in the theft

Sgt. Johnson launched an investigation and, using surveillance camera footage and other investigative techniques, was able to identify the suspect vehicle as a red Dodge Nitro owned by Tyler Egemo (39 years old of Oolitic).

Sgt. Johnson and Officer Shaun Cabral traveled to Egemo's Oolitic address and observed Egemo spray painting the stolen trailer.

As officers approached, Egemo attempted to quickly drive away, but he was stopped. Sgt. Johnson took Egemo into custody for the theft, as well as for driving on a suspended license with a prior conviction.

The trailer was returned to the owner.


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