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Oolitic Loses Over 1.9 million Gallons of Water in December from water leaks

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

OOLITIC - JANUARY - 31, 2023 - Utilities Clerk Carla Hettle warned town officials about a 1.9 Million water leaks from last month's water report.

The town usually uses approximately 2.6 million gallons of water per month, and last month's usage is estimated at 4.5 million gallons of water.

The Town of Oolitic purchases their water from the City of Bedford on a 20-year contract. The cost for the town is normally $6,000 a month, with this month's billing for water usage is estimated at $11,000.

Hettle wanted to give the town council a heads up when they receive the town's billing from the City of Bedford.

It is believed that there were several water leaks in the town from homeowners when the very cold temperatures arrived. Not only did the homeowners experience water leaks, but in addition the town itself had a few water leaks. The new monitoring system in place keeps the town's street departments notified quickly when these occur.

Oolitic Clerk/Treasurer and Town Council

In other business:

  • Elected the same officers for the town council for 2023 which include: Tangie Franklin Jenkins, president, and Brenda Corey as vice-president.

  • Approved Pittman Law Firm as the town's legal representative

  • Approved the purchase of UV lights for the town wastewater treatment plant not to exceed $1,700.

  • Received an update from Zac Bell on various projects the street department is working on. Asked the town to be considering purchase of some equipment for the street department.

  • Steve Kerr advised they did not get grant application completed in time for spring Community Crossing Grant

  • Appointed Steve Kerr to the Southern Indiana Development Commission

  • Brenda Corey asked about the alley behind the Dollens Elementary School and who was responsible for the upkeep of the alley. The town street department will spread the milling from this year's paving project in the alley to address concerns from a North Lawrence Community School Board member.

  • The plan is for the town to pave 13 streets in the upcoming Community Crossing Grant allocation.

  • Approved Bill Hanners request from the Lawrence County Bikers group for a roadblock on October 14, for the Toys for Tots projects. The money raised from the roadblocks in Mitchell and Oolitic allowed the group to help 300 kids each getting five gifts.

  • Heard from Oolitic resident Carrie Young about issues with the curb and runnoff near her residence.

  • Heard about the replacement of the guardrail on Main Street following a traffic accident and billing the responsible party for the repair of the guardrail.

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