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Oolitic Deputy Marshal's Cannot Get Paid Until Salary Ordinance Is Passed

OOLITIC - (February 1, 2022) - The two-deputy marshals hired by the Town of Oolitic have not been paid at this time. The reason for the delay in pay, was because the Oolitic Town Council failed to vote on a salary ordinance.

Chief Deputy Greg Hagan sworn in earlier this month

By law the town council must establish a salary ordinance which identifies rate of pay and required number of hours worked. The town council instructed the Clerk-Treasurer to go ahead and pay Chief Deputy Greg Hagan and Michael Bargo.

Deputy Marshal Michael Bargo

Oolitic Town Council is expected to vote on the salary ordinance on Thursday.

The other position of deputy marshal will also have to be appropriated in the budget.

Clerk-Treasurer Anne Norrick will be going to the Town of Dale to learn about Clerk-Treasurer office. The Clerk in Dale has been elected to that office serval years.

During the council meeting Town Marshall Harrington advised the town council that the police cars, uniforms, and badges will denote the agency as marshal. This will allow easier identification when working with multiple police agencies.

Oolitic Town Marshal Harrington

Harrington did not provide an activity report during this month's meeting.


Resident Jeff Tillette expressed concerns about whether the town marshals was actually working within the Town of Oolitic. Tillette stated that he has not seen any patrols in the town. However, some residents stated they have seen them patrolling.

"I am not here to bash the police, in fact I back the blue, my sons are both police officers. But I think our police force needs to be taking care of Oolitic," said Tillette.

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Other concerns of enforcing stop signs were also addressed during the meeting Monday night. Marshal Harrington addressed how approaches the issue.

Concerns of town council members driving police cars was also discussed to which they said they were covered by insurance. The police cars were driven for repairs in Bedford.

Harrington told residents that he is willing to talk to residents anytime in his office, or by phone. He wants to be sure residents talk directly to him to address concerns.

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