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One Seriously Injured in Accident on State Road 37 Near Orange County Sunday

MITCHELL - (April 18, 2022) - One person was seriously injured following a two vehicle accident on State Road 37 near the Orange County line Sunday afternoon. The accident was reported to the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department at 3:22 p.m. Sunday.

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According to the accident report filed by Lawrence County Sheriff's Department Deputy Robin Compton, who investigated the accident. Elona King, 79, Mitchell was traveling on northbound in her 2012 Cheverolet Cruze.

King was attempting to pass George Fox, who was attempting to turn into his driveway. Fox was driving a 2022 F-550 flat bad pick-up and King struck the rear of his vehicle.

King was entrapped in her vehicle for an extensive period of time. Lawrence County and Orange County Sheriff's Department's closed State Road 37 while emergency personnel worked the accident scene.

King was transported to the scene by Air Evac air ambulance service to a trauma center for additional treatment.

Marion Township Volunteer Fire Department received an additional call for a medical emergency at Spring Mill State Park during this incident. The Mitchell Volunteer Fire Department responded to that call.

" We want to thank all the agencies that helped us work this incident. All the agencies from the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department, and Orange County Sheriff's Department worked to make sure firefighters remained safe while wAdvertisemente worked this accident," said Paul Gillespie Fire Chief Marion Township Volunteer Fire Department

Lawrence County Sheriff's Department, Orange County Sheriff's Department, Bedford Fire Department, Marion Township Volunteer Fire Department, IU Health Ambulance Service, and Air Evac Air Ambulance Service responded to the accident.

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