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One-Room Schoolhouse in Leipsic Still Stands

LEIPSIC - (February 13, 2022) - The one room schoolhouse in Leipsic, Indiana cranked out several Valedictorians over the years.

( The one room schoolhouse was constructed in 1926 and closed in 1975)

The one-room schoolhouse was opened in 1897 and closed in 1964. However, from about 1926 - 1975 that little one room schoolhouse produced several Valedictorians for the Orleans High School.

This came after the students would attend up to the eighth grade and then attend the remaining years at Orleans High School.


Students were taught by one teacher from grades 1-8 as the students would listen into the lessons and learn from what was being taught to the students in the higher grade level.

The consolidation into Orleans Elementary School with the first classes held in 1975.

Leipsic was a small thriving town in Orleans had State Road 60 passing by it, railroad station and large feed and seed helped the community thrive during this period of time.

Of course, State Highway 60 would eventually by-pass the town, and so was the decrease in traffic and population pretty much ended those special days.

One would think that one-room schoolhouses no longer exist, but they are still a few that dot the landscape.

Back in 2005 there were three students at the Glen School in Sioux County, Nebraska of course it finally closed due to declining population. There were 11 students at California's Death Valley Elementary. The small school helped one pupil overcome speech and language delays, and many of the students are working above grade level.

In New Hampshire, three one room schools were left in 2006, all in very small towns the oldest were built in Croydon, where residents worrying that the growing population will spell the end to the school. The oldest school was built in 1780.

In Gold Creek, Montana there are no stores, gas stations, bars, and the one church is closed. But in the rich grazing land it still has a one-room school, that is turning out above average students.

Back in 1919 there were more than 190,000 back in 2005 there are fewer than 400 left. (All the above-mentioned information came from NPR)

Today, the Leipsic School is a community center and is available to rent for personal events. The schoolhouse has a steady presence in Northeast Township in Orange County. For rental information contact Tara Jenkins at 812-653-8062.

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