• Bill Raines

One injured in Traffic Accident on Yockey Road

MITCHELL - OCTOBER 21, 2022 - One person was injured following a traffic accident in the 1000 block of Yockey Road Thursday afternoon.

The vehicle was inverted leaking fluids from the vehicle and smoking from the engine compartment when emergency crews arrived at the accident scene.

The accident reported at 1:02 p.m. Thursday with the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department investigating the accident.

Emergency crews from the Bedford Fire Department, Marion Township Volunteer Fire Department, and Seals Ambulance Service was also dispatched to the accident scene.

This accident was the first of two accidents reported on Thursday afternoon. No one was injured when at 1:44 pm. an accident was reported in the 1300 block of Gun Smith Road a camper became detached from a vehicle and landed on its side.

One person was reported trapped but suffered no injuries according to reports from emergency personnel at the scene.

The Lawrence County Sheriff's Department investigated the accident and members of the Bedford Fire Department, Shawwick Volunteer Fire Department and IU Lifeline Ambulance responded to the accident scene. Mikels towing responded to remove the vehicle.

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