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Old Broadview Bowl Property Beyond Saving - Owner Plans in place storage units on property

BEDFORD - FEBRUARY 14, 2023 - A preliminary hearing was held on Tuesday afternoon by Joshua Lewis to place storage units at 2519 -2531 29th Street in Bedford. This is where the former Broadview Bowling alley was located.

The property owner is asking to re-zone the property from B-1 Convivence District to Light Industrial district.

Bedford Plan Commission moved the request on to a public meeting.

Photo: The Broadview Bowl building is in disrepair beyond salvageable

The property will be used as a storage facility with six buildings being constructed in the first phase and additional 7 buildings in the second phase.

Lewis is hoping more than 90 percent of the storage units will be occupied before moving onto the second phase of the project.

Photo: The roof has collapsed in several places in the old Broadview Bowl building

Residents in the Bedford area have sentimental feelings to the property, being the place where people have gathered for many years. From bowling tournaments to the After-Prom of the Bedford North Lawrence High School the place has many memories of the Broadview Bowling Alley.

The Bedford Planning Commission is asking Lewis to put in a privacy fence on the west and north side of the property.

Steve Kimbley asked questions regarding the difference between the business designation verses the Industrial designation for the property. Residents will be concerned about those designations thinking they will be allowing Industrial uses similar to Bedford Recycling which is not the case.

Lewis states the property will be similar to what the Storage Express locations in Bedford look like and well maintained.

The Plan Commission asked Lewis whether he plans on allowing RV's, motor homes, and boats to be stored on the property. Lewis told the commission members that larger RV's would not be able to be stored on the property.

Lewis stated the building is not able to be restored as a bowling alley. The roof repairs alone would cost over $100,000 and the basement is full of water. The roof has collapsed in several places.

There really is no way in being able to save the building.

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Feb 15, 2023

I was afraid that the building would be to far gone after sitting for this long.

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