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Officers Recovering from Sunday Morning's Shooting - Community Support Continues

LAWRENCE COUNTY - FEBRUARY 8, 2023 - Both police officers now have been released from the hospital following the Sunday morning shooting of two police officers.

Mitchell Police Officer Christian Anderson and Lawrence County Police Officer Joshua Rhoades have been released from the hospital.

Lawrence County Sheriff Greg Day thanked the Lawrence County community which included many people, organizations and businesses.

" I would not remiss not to thank some very deserving officers and agencies as well. A very big thank you to Lawrence County Police Deputy Whitney Daughtery for her leadership, actions, and life saving measures during the incident.

Lawrence County Deputy Clifford Pruett should be commended for his response and calm demeanor immediately following the incident," said Day in the release.

" What can I say about our dispatchers, other than "well done" The efficiency and calmness they displayed was nothing short of amazing,"

The Marion Township Volunteer Fire Department arrived within minutes of the call and provided treatment to both the officers and suspect when the incident first occurred.

There were many agencies involved in the incident that day.

" Unfortunately, this is a grim reminder of the dangers that our officers face every day. We live in a safe and supportive community compared to other places around the state and country, but even here officers put their lives on the the line every day. I am proud of my brothers and sisters in our law enforcement community. You our citizens are in good hands," said Sheriff Day.

" Finally, I want to close by saying this. It is no secret that one of my biggest priorities is drug dealing enforcement. Those who peddle the poison in our county are a danger to innocent citizens, and addicts who are struggling and to our officers. The fact that two officers were shot over a large quantity of methamphetamine and other drugs underscores my very point," said Sheriff Day.


The community continues to rally behind the police officers. A prayer rally will be held at Mitchell City Hall the vigil will begin at 6:30 pm at the shelter house. Prayers offered for the two police officers and prayer of protection of police officers who place their lives at risk in the line of duty every day.

Mitchell Police Officer Christian Anderson

A gofundme has has been organized by reitired Mitchell Police Detective Randal Phelix to help raise money to assist with medical and living expenses for both of the officers that was shot in the line of duty. A link for the gofundeme site is here.

Lawrence County Sheriff's Deputy Joshua Rhoades

Both police officers will be off work while recovering. Phelix is hoping to raise enough money for them to pay bills, family support, travel expenses and other medical expenses; that are immediate to them and their families. All of the proceeds will be controlled by the Fraternal Order of Police Spring Mill Lodge #172.

Residents are reminded that many scams occur during these types of incidents, and make sure that any fundraisers are vetted before giving any money.

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