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NWS: The National Weather Service Indianapolis having trouble sending alerts to weather radios

NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE: JULY 17, 2023 - NWS Indianapolis has been experiencing technical difficulties with our systems and with warnings and forecast information reaching weather radios. Please have multiple ways of receiving warning information. Sorry for the inconvenience.

This is the reason tornado sirens are still important in the City of Bedford and City of Mitchell. There are times when the system fails, and there needs to be several ways to communicate information for disasters and weather alert systems.

According to Lawrence County EMA director Valarie Luchauer, local governments are moving away from outside warning systems for tornados and focusing on residents to purchase weather alert radios that are inexpensive and not as costly to maintain.

" The weather radios are only $49, and some fire departments offer the radios for free for those who are low-income or disabled. The outside weather sirens are only good for those who are outside the time they go off. And people are normally sleeping or inside their home at night and may not hear the sirens go off. Weather radios provide a much better way of alerting homeowners," said Lucauer.

Photo: Residents put a tarp on a home near Springville after a tornado strikes the Springville area in 2017

The City of Bedford has ten tornado sirens, Mitchell has only two working siren at Mitchell City Hall and Oolitic has no sirens to alert residents of a tornado.

Previously, Lawrence County Officials decided it is too expensive to add tornado sirens to the rural communities of Lawrence County.

Monroe County has several tornado sirens to alert residents in populated areas of that county.

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