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Nostalgia Band Performs Labor Day at Otis Park Bandshell Despite Weather

BEDFORD - SEPTEMBER 5, 2022 - The Nostalgia Band performed Labor Day at the Otis Park Band Shell around 7:00 p.m. despite the clouds hoovering over and threat of rain.

Nostalgia Band performs Labor Day at the Otis Park Band Shell

There was an audience who showed up to listen to the group perform taking the crowds to the music of the past to a modern age.

Otis Park Bandshell offers great acoustics for music that waft through the hills of Bedford, Indiana

The Nostalgia Band was formed in 1994 in Bedford, Indiana with a total of 20-25 members at any given time to play a variety of instruments and display their musical talents.

The band is under the direction of Frank Battaglia, and the musicians themselves playing a feature of music in the 30s, 40s, Big Band era, jazz, rock, blues, Latin genres.

The group is available for concerts, weddings, and special events.

Every time the group plays is never a disappointment as their music is uplifting and takes the crowds to another place and time.

The group opened up with their theme song and moved right along with" Route 66,"and the " Way You Look Tonight" just to name a few of the songs played.

If you never heard this group, it is highly recommended you take time and listen to them play. To find out more about the group go to their Facebook Page.

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