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North Lawrence School Board Hires Kurt Godlevske as Assistant Principal at Oolitic Campus

BEDFORD - JULY 8, 2022 - During the school board meeting Thursday night the North Lawrence Community School board approved personnel changes which included the hiring of Kurt Godlevske as Assistant Principal of the Oolitic K-8 Campus.

Kurt Godlevske Assistant Principal Oolitic K-8 Campus

Kurt has served as the Butler University Head Women's Basketball Coach for eight years; during his time there he received the " 2018 Big East Coach of the Year" award.

Previously, he was an administrator at the North Lawrence Community Schools and Head Girls Basketball Coach at Bedford North Lawrence High School for seven years. In 2013 he led the Girls Basketball team to the state championship, and he looks forward to encouraging youth to " find what they are passionate about and become the best they can be, I am a strong advocate for public education and North Lawrence Community Schools. It is great to be back at North Lawrence Community Schools,"

Other Personnel changes include:

New Hires

  • Kurt Godlevske - Oolitic School Assistant Principal, effective 2022-23 Academic School Year

  • Sydney Barnhart - Social Worker, effective 2022-23 Academic School Year

  • Tina Harris - BNL Science, effective 2022-23 Academic School Year

  • Tammy Spradlin - NLCS ElementaryTeacher, effective 2022-2023 Academic School


  • Heather Harrell - from Health Aide position at Oolitic to Librarian, effective 2022-23 Academic School Year

  • BNL: Cody East - Boys Tennis


  • Autum Daugherty - Resigning as Needmore 3rd Grade Teacher, Effective June 29, 2022

  • Shelley Brim - Resigning as BNL Instructional Aide, effective June 18, 2022

  • Joe Hill - Resigning as NLCS Maintenance/Mechanic, effective July 8, 2022

  • Michael Tillett - Resigning as BMS Instructional Aide, effective June 21, 2022


  • Kenny Thralls, Retiring as NLCS Custodian after 10 years of service, effective July 8, 2022.


  • Kristen Reuter - Terminated as NLCS Administrative Assistant, effective June 30, 2022

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