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North Lawrence Community Schools Welcomes New Assistant Superintendent Chris Tanner

BEDFORD - JULY 8, 2022 - The North Lawrence Community School board voted 3-1 on June 23rd for a new Assistant Superintendent Chris Tanner. Only four board members were present during that meeting which included Jeff Lambrecht, Tracy Bailey, and Bryce Bennet voting yes, and Wendy Miller voting no.

North Lawrence Community School Assistant Superintendent Chris Tanner

Chris Tanner has over 25 years of experience as an administrator and has served as the Assistant Superintendent in South Dearborn Community Schools for the last four years.

Tanner received his Ed.S from Indiana State University, his education administration degree from Okland City University, and his undergraduate degree from Franklin College.

His role will be directing Human Resources and hiring new personnel, overseeing transportation and maintenance, and collaborating with the business office and curriculum department.

"I am really happy to be in the North Lawrence Community School Corporation. This is a great opportunity for me, this is an outstanding community. Everyone I have met so far has been extremely friendly. I am very pleased to be here," said Tanner

" I look forward to serving the students and family in the North Lawrence Community School Corporation,"

Chris enjoys spending time with his family, his wife Deborah, is a third-grade teacher at Edgewood Intermediate with 25 years teaching experience; his son, Brayden, will be a Biomedicine Sophomore at Indiana University this fall, and his Braxton, will be a sophomore at Edgewood High School.

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