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North Lawrence Community Schools Approves New Teacher Contract

BEDFORD - - NOVEMBER 2, 2023 - North Lawrence Community Schools (NLCS) is pleased to announce the approval of a new teacher contract, marking a significant milestone in the district's ongoing efforts to enhance teacher compensation, recognizing the vital role they play in student achievement.

Under the new contract, NLCS teachers will experience substantial improvements in their compensation over the course of two years, with a significant advancement of 7 steps, reflecting the district's commitment to supporting its educators.

Mr. Kevin Yancey, Superintendent of NLCS, expressed his appreciation for the dedicated teachers and staff, stating, "The greatest asset we have here at NLCS is our teachers and staff. We want to continue working alongside our teachers in making NLCS the place

parents and guardians want to send their children. We thank the NLCS Board of Trustees and the North Lawrence Education Association for their collaborative efforts in negotiating this outstanding two-year contract."

Details in the new contract include:

● seven-step salary scale increase for current employees over two years

● $3500 base salary increase for new hires (over two years)

● One sick day converted to a personal day

● Added four new ECAs

● Increased compensation for five ECAs

● Increased ancillary pay

● Improved language for bereavement leave and new hires

North Lawrence Community Schools, located in Bedford, Indiana, proudly serves approximately 3,600 students and their families, offering a rich and nurturing educational environment.


Located at 1416 James Avenue Bedford, Indiana

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