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North Lawrence Community School District Enter into Teacher Contract Negotiation Next Week

BEDFORD - SEPTEMBER 16, 2022 - North Lawrence Community School Corporation will begin teacher negotiations next week. A public hearing on the negotiations was held Thursday evening at 5:30 p.m. at the administration building.

NLEA president Lacy Hawkins talks about the good things' teachers are doing in the classroom

According to Lacy Hawkins, president of the North Lawrence Education Association told the school board Thursday night " I really do believe we are headed in the right direction. I think we are going to work this out. I remain hopeful that we will make significant progress,"

" I think that is some hard things we had to do here, referring ( to the school board decisions) I am hoping that is going to pay off for teachers. We are hanging on, just by a thread. This will be a pivotal one for us,"

Hawkins thanked the school board for everything they have done. "I look forward to bring a proposal to you, that is good for everyone,"

Hawkins thanked the school board for everything they have done. "I look forward to bring a proposal to you, that is good for everyone,"

However, Dr. Ty Mungle still feels the corporation remains overstaffed with teachers. In Jasper, which has the same number of students enrolled but has about 240 teachers, and NLCS has about 270 teachers. Like many other school corporations throughout the United States many teachers have left the field.

NLCS Board holds a public hearing on teacher contract negations and 2023 Budget for the corporation on Thursday at 5:30 pm

In his presentation Thursday night, the decrease in the 2023 budget in the Education Fund which is used to pay salaries of teachers, and support staff. This fund was reduced by $4 Million in 2023. The total Education Fund proposed in 2023 is $25.9 Million. The NLCS continues to budget additional funds in case there is unexpected expenses. The education fund for 2022 was at about $30 Million. In a teacher contract year, 2023 Education Fund budget was reduced.

Dr. Wendy Miller school board member if the $2.2 Million in savings was a benchmark for the increase in teachers' salaries, which Dr. Mungle replied no it was not.

According to Dr. Ty Mungle over the last two years, the school corporation has done more to improve the wages for both the teachers and staff of the school corporation.

The teacher contracts are not expected to be finalized until October.

Lawrence County Zephyr will continue to monitor the North Lawrence Community School Corporation Teacher Contract negations.

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