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North Lawrence Community School Board Candidate Craig Godsey Seeks to Rebuild Trust

SPRINGVILLE - AUGUST 28, 2022 - Craig Godsey seeks to rebuild the trust in the North Lawrence Community School board.

Craig Godsey with his wife Kelsey and daughters Abigail (left) and Autumm (right)

Craig Godsey is running in the North Lawrence Community School Board District 1 Race in the upcoming November 8th election.

Godsey says the time is now to be personally involved in the state of affairs of the North Lawrence Community School board following the consolidation.

Craig Godsey has served in the United States Marines using those values that were taught while being enlisted. Those values which are Honor, Courage, and Commitment. Craig say he wants to add two more values to the list which are Integrity and Loyalty.

Craig is married to his wife Autumm for 21 years, who only dated for six months. The two have a daughter Andrea and Abigail.

Andrea was born while serving overseas while Godsey serving on the USS Kearsarge which was enroute to support Operational Iraqi Freedom.

Godsey believes in re-building the trust back into the school board that was lost during the consolidation process. " It is time the financial records and voting records of all the NLCS corporation and board members over the last ten years be open to the public,"

By doing this Godsey believes this will show how the school corporation has gotten into situation it is currently in. An audit of the school corporation is needed, and more transparency of the financial reports to the taxpayer.

Godsey believes at the time it would be too costly to fire North Lawrence Community School Superintendent Dr. Ty Mungle. " I think the school board should leave Dr. Mungle in charge of the day-to-day operations however, the NLCS School board will oversee personnel issues, property decisions, and financial decisions of the corporation. " If there is any unethical, or illegal actions his contract will be reviewed," said Craig.

The other issue that is troubling to Godsey is the lack of transparency and using Executive Sessions to keep the public away from information. " We need to be more open and transparent to the public who attend our meetings," A new policy needs to be visited to allow the public access to school corporation documents and financial data.

" School board members should go to the school buildings and see what is taking place inside. Staff needs to be able to approach school board members and allowed to communicate concerns and needs," The current policy that all questions must go through the Superintendent limits a Open-Door Policy.

According to Godsey it is time the school board members make the corporation a more desirable place for children to receive their education, and teachers to call NLCS home. " We need to be able to articulate a plan to bring back the students lost to LCIS and Springville Community Academy.

" We need to build a bridge to the charter schools, because under the current situation the charter schools have no high school. Eventually, the charter school students will most likely be high school students," Godsey exclaimed.

Godsey believes students need to be prepared for life beyond the classrooms at North Lawrence Community Schools. This includes students who want to pursue college careers and trade skills that currently are in high demand.

" The North Lawrence Career Center is something to really be proud of with the improvements made over the last few years. The students could not even touch the CNA machine when I was in high school. When I went to try to apply for a job at Bedford Machines, I was not hirable because I still lacked the skills needed for the jobs at the time," said Godsey. " The investments made into the North Lawrence Career Center will have great impact on students in their futures,"

Godsey would like the school corporation to communicate a clear plan into moving the corporation forward in the post consolidation world.

" Our community has lost confidence in our school corporation and if we currently remain on this trend more people will not only be moving out of the school corporation but also the Lawrence County. This is not what the Lawrence County residents wanted, but as a parent we got to do what's best for the child,"

" The military has given me an excellent education in jobs I would not ever been able to get in the public sector. I did not attend college and was not really prepared academically at the time when I went through the North Lawrence Community School system. But, my oldest attended NLCS and is now headed to college, and my other daughter is attending NLCS. We must improve the corporation and start getting it on the right track for all of our students not just a select group of students," Godsey concluded.

You can find out more on Craig Godsey by going to his Facebook page.

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