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North Lawrence Community Lawsuit and Hearing for Summary Judgment - Fords request granted

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JULY 7, 2023 - In the North Lawrence Community School Corporation lawsuit against Jerry and Deanna Ford the North Lawrence Community School had requested a summary judgment on the matter.

On July 5th, 2023 Special Judge Holly Harvey has granted Jerry and Deanna Ford request for a continuance on the hearing scheduled for July 6th.

The hearing for North Lawrence Community Schools request for summary judgment has been moved to August 16, 2023.

The original lawsuit filed by North Lawrence Community School Corporation against Jerry Ford, Deanna Ford, Gerald Hill, James Evans, and Jason Johnson on February 3, 2020 after the parties requested public access to information in regards to a Public Access request to public records on the Visionary Committee.

The only parties that remain in the lawsuit is both Jerry and Deanna Ford who has requested their attorney fees be paid by the school corporation.

The public access counselor of Indiana determined that the North Lawrence Community School Corporation violated Indiana's Public Access law and the information of the parties should have been granted.

North Lawrence Community School Attorney Greg Pittman has disagreed with the finding and has since filed a lawsuit to have the court to rule against the ruling.

The Visionary Committee members and the North Lawrence Community School Superintendent Dr. Ty Mungle reached a agreement prior to the meetings that their names would be discreet and not known to the public as they met behind closed doors to determine the plans to down size the school corporation.

North Lawrence Community School board voted to close four elementary schools, and one middle school following the recommendations of the Visionary Committee which came up with three different plans of the school corporation and its facilities.


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