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North Lawrence Career Center "Car Show" For Students

BEDFORD - MAY 4, 2022 - The North Lawrence Career Center held its annual Car Show for students Wednesday morning.

" Today we are educating the students on all the different vehicles, today we have just about everything that moves on wheels," said Amy Redman Director of North Lawrence Career Center.

" This is a chance for help our youth to understand the history of the vehicles," Redman added.

Brayden Gore, brought his 2006 Mustang GTE to the North Lawrence Career Center Car Show Today

" My car has a Ford Racing Intake manifold, cold air intake, as well as X pipes, and Ford Performance hot rod cams," said Braydon Gore. " I have always been a Mustang guy; I think they sound the best. This is a three valve 4.6-liter vehicle," Gore concluded.

Nathan Sipes, junior Bedford North Lawrence High School like to go dirt racing which his grandpa and father who races at dirt tracks all around southern Indiana.

Nathan Sipes likes to race on dirt tracks all through southern Indiana

" We go to the dirt racetrack in Montgomery," said Sipes

Anders Soerensen is working to get this 1979 Jeep original as possible

Anders Soerensen, from Demark has been staying in the United States over the last seven to eight months. He has been working on his host mothers 1979 Jeep. " I am just trying to get this original as possible," said Soerensen.

Katie Fields stands by her favorite car.

Katie Fields like to do welding and came out to the car show on Wednesday to pick out her favorite ride. Fields plans to make a career out of welding, she seen a video of welding and thought it was an interesting trade.

There were many things for the students to do, with vendors able to provide food, extrication demonstration for the students put on by the Shawswick Volunteer Fire Department, and Bedford Police Department brought out one of its SWAT vehicles.

The car show is brought on by Mr. Grow and Mr. Terry and for the director and assistant director it was their first year of seeing the car show. " For both teachers they try to get the students involved. The students putting the entries in the car show, whether it be their own, parent's or grandparent's car. This is great to give students a break from the classroom for the day. This allows them to get outside, to be with their peers and classmates," said Steven McNab, Assistant Director North Lawrence Career Center.

The car show makes a fun day for students to enjoy a day outside of the classroom

The students had a great time of socializing, food and all the fun at the Career Center. The car show was only open and the students and by invitation only.

Chandler Turner and a member of the Oolitic Volunteer Fire Department

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