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Bob Bridge

I yearned to cover my ears. Horrifying news from across America.

Grocery shoppers in Buffalo and young schoolchildren in Texas were ambushed in merciless slaughters within a week.

While families and friends grieved, the inevitable war of words arose among conflicting factions, adamantly asserting diverse strategies for thwarting mass murders.

Some folks demanded banning assault rifles; others called for an immediate increase in security at public sites.

I’m sure most of them are sincere. But, frankly, this is nothing new.

Meanwhile, pundits continue to describe the mass shootings as “senseless.”

But, are they?

Must make sense to the perpetrators.

TV panelists again label the shooters as “inhumane” or “evil.”


Angry, hopeless, and obviously out of touch with reality?

Yes, seemingly so.

Imagine, for a moment, you have plummeted to your personal abyss. You feel powerless, hopeless and inessential.

No one cares. Not a single person. This hateful world has done nothing but continuously hurt, punish and shame you.

What’s the best possible way to convince everyone you are NOT powerless. To make damn certain you ARE noticed.

You share your pain in an unimaginable and bizarre fashion. Basically, go out in a blaze of infamy.

“Everyone will know me NOW!”

As never before, people are consumed with attention and public image. How they are perceived by others is critical to their personal worth.

Hey, are you getting your fair share of attention?

Maybe take another selfie, utter a radical or reckless remark, or do something so inane as to raise a million eyebrows.

Be honest, have you noticed “friends” untethered to any sense of reality? Any hint of bizarre behavior?

No one likes to tattle. You simply want to avoid the drama, and mind your own business.

But, someone had an idea, a clue, a concern.

Someone could have made a difference.

How long can we ignore the outcasts?

Troubled people are problematic. We can continue to ignore these unhinged individuals or muster the courage to identify them and make sure they do not pose a threat to themselves or anyone else.

However, I refuse to do is identify them or give them any attention whatsoever after they have committed these atrocities.

Sorry, no reward for infamy here.

No trophy for most victims.

Bob Bridge welcomes comments at 812-276–9646 or

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