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No One Ran for Guthrie Township Offices - Other Township Offices Unfilled in Lawrence County for "23

LAWRENCE COUNTY - MAY 4, 2022 - The Guthrie Township offices for township trustee and advisory board did not have anyone run for the elected offices.

Shawswick and Guthrie Township officials held a meeting on a proposed fire territory several months back

At this time, it is unclear what would be the next step for the small township in Lawrence County's eastern border. The township was set to merge with Shawswick Township.

However, Guthrie Township was not the only township with vacancies in their advisory boards.

  • Marion Township has a vacancy on its advisory board which is set to be filled by caucus with the death of Ray Lindsey

  • Perry Township has a vacancy on its advisory board

  • Pleasant Run Township has two vacancies on its advisory board

Over the last few years, Indiana State Legislatures have tried to abolished township government. The Guthire Township Advisory board recently voted for a fire territory which is the biggest role for township government. But, they are other jobs and functions that township government is responsible for such as poor relief, and cemetery care,

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