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No fines issued for Antique Mall Property on Main Street - No engineering study to be performed

MITCHELL - APRIL 3, 2023 - There were no fines issued for the owner of the building of the antique mall location at 621 Main Street in Mitchell. The partial collapse of the building forced an evacuation of the downtown area due to a gas leak.

Photo: A partial collapse of the building located at 621 Main Street in Mitchell caused a gas leak and evacuation of the downtown area

Mitchell City council woman Vicky Schlegel asked whether there were any fines issued and an engineering study conducted of the building during last month's city council meeting.

During Monday's night meeting Mitchell city council president and acting Mayor Larry Caudell responded to the inquiry on the matter.

" I was acting Mayor, sworn in on October 28th, and shortly after approximately the next week the wall fell in at the 621 Main Street location. The order and paperwork were sent to Bill Sallee, Mitchell Building Commissioner on November 9, 2022. Bryon Steele was the attorney was sent the paperwork and pictures of the structure and he said he was going have to resend a letter to the owner of the property,"

Video: Acting Mayor and City Council President issues statement in regard to no fees to the property owner of 621 Main Street

"On the November 9, 2023, Bill was told to hold off on the paperwork until he got more up to date and more detailed information. After that there was no other letters sent to the property owner. Bill was in contact with them and did not go in depth with the property owners on the fees.Now, I think at this time, the property owner has quite bit of capital to rebuild," said Larry Caudell Mitchell City Council and acting Mayor.

" He has the money to rebuild, and is waiting on his contractor to start, and the Indiana State Fire Marshal's Office instructed the contractor to begin the work. As the property owner explained to the fire marshal. The fire marshal stated he would sign off on the work when it was completed," said Mayor Nathan Jenkins.

" Yes, looking back we could have fined him, but if we slapped a fine on him, we would have be owning the building," said Caudell.

Video: Public again asks about the engineering study

Mitchell City Council woman Vicky Schlegel, again asked about a engineering study on the building. " Just what the Indiana State Fire Marshal's office and study. There is no engineer that will look at the building at this time," Jenkins responded.

Schlegel stated she contacted Indiana Landmarks in regard to the structure and offered grants for these historic buildings. " I do not want to wait another year to start on it," Mayor Jenkins responded.

" If the city used grant money from the historical committee, it would have to be put back identically to the way it was when it fell. And the property owner does not want to relay all the brick," Jenkins added.

" He is not interested in applying for a grant and get the project done himself," added Jenkins.

The contractor is expected to start work on the project in the near future.

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