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No Elections Held in Southern Indiana Town for Over Ten Years - Self Appointed Town Council

HARDINSBURG - JUNE 11, 2022 - The residents of Hardinsburg, Indiana located in Washington County Indiana would like to be able to elect its town officials.

Hardinsburg Indiana has not held an election for over ten years , and its town council is self appointed without any residents having a say who can serve on the board

There are currently 138 registered voters in the community, and around 283 residents however the issue, whether the town has a charter on record.

Therefore, the Washington County Clerk's Office says in good faith she cannot put Indvidual's on the ballot until it is determined whether it is an incorporated town or has a charter. The State of Indiana has no record of its charter or articles of incorporation.

Washington County residents began petitioning for elections to the Washington County Commissioners since 2018. Residents there says there has not been a town election for years and the Clerk and council of the town has been self-appointed.

The town has a tax rate of over $2.01.

However, the residents of the small community are taxed at a higher rate due to its designation. Residents of the community maintain do not have any representation from the community or say on how that community appoints its town council or other actions taken by the town council.

Due to the discovery of the latest findings, it is not known whether the Town of Hardinsburg can even be considered a legal town in Indiana.

The Washington County Commissioners as executive branch of the county can determine on what would be the next step in determining whether the town can hold elections. A resolution by the Washington County Election board was given to the Washington County Commissioners to be authorizing them to act on the measure.

The cost of an election for the town will be thirty cents a ballot.

The Washington County Commissioners stated they did not want to see the town dissolved and they are actually growing. A resolution to the matter continues.

The current board has a Clerk-Treasurer, and with three At-Large seats. the positions of board will have to be defined by by-laws. The questions on how those positions got off the election cycle.

Hardinsburg Appointed Members:

  • Clerk-Treasurer - Kathy Jackey

  • Council members - David J. Davis Jr.

  • Rick Millholland

  • Jill McKinley

Back in 2018, residents were not happy and wanted to be able to place residents on the ballot. The State Board of Accounts did issue a audit following the death of the Hardinsburg Clerk-Treasurer. During that audit the Indiana State Board of Accounts noted there was not any minutes taken of the meetings the town conducted.

The Washington County Commissioners must by legal definition will decide whether the town will dissolve, or continue as an incorporated town.

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