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NLCS Hiring practices questioned by the public

BEDFORD - JANUARY 19, 2023 - The hiring practices of the North Lawrence Community School Corporation have been questioned by the public.

The Yancy Unger and John Storms have questioned on how various positions are filled.

Last week, John Storms told the school board they are not the experts in hiring and previous job applicants who are family and friends have been hired without even being interviewed for the positions

John Storms requested the school board moving forward to state who recommended the person being hired. Last week, Storms maintained that family, friends, and individuals have been hired without even being interviewed.

Nepotism was a concern during the last two school board meetings. With three of the public speakers, last week expressing concerns that the former school board were exercising the practice.

Yancy Unger expresses concerns about the hiring practices of NLCS

Yancy Unger, questioning the hiring of Dr. Ty Mungle, wife as a contractor, then she went on to be hired by the company.

The relationship of board members who were seen vacationing together was seen as devaluing the other school board members, according to those who spoke during last night's NLCS school board meeting.

"Regardless, I welcome this conversation. But I think it is wise, if we all drop all our stones before we do. I once thought naively that eradicating all examples of favoritism is the best solution. When a large organization is placed in a small community, it is difficult to accomplish this an unnecessary pursuit. Instead developing transparent policies around performance and accountability can mitigate our reality of the human condition," said Unger following the board meeting last night.

The newest North Lawrence Community School board told the public during their reorganization meeting that they will be more open and transparent. The school board says they will work to rebuild the trust of the community.

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